With a head full of Laurens van der Post and half an anthropology degree from St Andrews University under his belt, James Suzman hitched a ride into Botswana’s eastern Kalahari in June 1991.He was awarded a PHD in 1995


Since then he has lived and worked with every major Bushman group in southern Africa .  He has consulted and advised a range of Government, NGO and Commercial clients. 


He was appointed to the Smuts Fellowship in African Studies at Cambridge University in 2001 having led the largest research programme into southern Africa's indigenous peoples yet conducted. In 2007  he was invited to develop and lead  diamond giant De Beers' award winning sustainability and public affairs funtcions where he was responsible globally for De Beers relationships with Governments, Mulitlateral Insitutions, Communities and other key Stakeholders. He resigned in 2012 to set up Anthropos in 2012.  


Anthropos was set up in 2013, by James Suzman as a vehicle to apply anthropological methods to solving contemporary social economic and development  problems.  James is an anthropologist specialising in the political economy of southern Africa and the Kalahari region in particular.




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Selected Reports/ Articles

Diamonds, De Beers and Defying the Resources Curse, Mining, People and the Environment, Jan/Feb 2010
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We draw on a large network of anthropologists, economists, analysts and geographers so that we can bring cutting edge expertise to any project we participate in. 

We also work collaboratively with a range of research, consultancy organisations and NGOs.

If you wish to join the anthropos network, please contact us. 

1-Clients of James Suzman Consultancy Services


Wherever possible Anthropos will work on the basis of a fixed short or long term contract based on a clear set of deliverables for a fixed fee or on the basis of an estimated number of days' work. Where on occassion Anthropos is engaged on an ad hoc unsecured basis, the attached guideline charges will apply unless alternative agreements are made with the client. 


Anthropos also provides pro bono services  to communities and projects of particular importance or interest where the clients or beneficiaries are without means to pay.

fees and terms

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