Social tectonics are the broad forces that define the limits for intervention. By understanding these, Anthropos  can provide clear advice on intervention and engagement based on the limits of what is possible. 

Economic impact methodologies are often too general to be useful. Anthropos  integrates anthropological economics into our input/output modelling to provide a unique  insight into the social and economic impacts of projects in the developing world.

​Anthropos operates from the premise that understanding lies at the heart of problem solving. Unlike large-scale risk agencies, we build our analysis from the bottom up. Macro analysis offers little without a detailed understanding of its relationship to the local.  

Good research is the basis for good understanding. Anthropos delivers social and economic research to governments, NGOs, businesses and community organisations and focusses on teasing out the nuances that often escape macro analysis. 

Anthropos  specialises  in analysing and understanding social, political and economic risks across the globe but with a focus on southern Africa. We build on a network of local experts and organisations to provide highly nuanced assessments for individual projects. 

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