Anthropos likes projects that have the potential to push the boundaries of possibility. We work with organisations, people and communities with ambitions to create new realities for themselves and others.  

The "original affluence" programme is an internal research programme in Anthropos. It is focussed on drawing insights from closed-system traditional economic and environmental models - like those of traditional hunting and gathering communities - to meeting contemporary development and sustainability challenges. 



Anthropos has a long and close association with Kalahari Peoples. Anthropos works  with a number of organisations and communities in the Kalahari on issues including social and economic development, environmental management, land and legal rights​. Some of our partners and collaborators in this work include:




Anthropos has embarked on a major collaboration with the University of Copenhagen Centre for GeoGenetics to explore southern Africa's human genetic history at an unprecedented level of detail. Doing so will give new insights into the histories and movements of Africa's peoples as well as provide unique epidemiological insights that will help us understand and manage a range of health issues ranging from malaria resistance to diabetes. 

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