The sustainability landscape is constantly changing as we begin to better understand the impacts of challenges like climate change and the limitations of economic growth.

Anthropos assists businesses, governments and NGOs to develop dynamic solutions to shape their engagement with these challenges.  

As institutions, businesses are critically placed to influence the sustainability paradigm and to make powerful, transformative innovations that both enhance their reputations and give them a competitive edge.

Anthropos works with businesses with ambitions to be leaders  in meeting societal and environmental challenges. 

With a regional focus on southern Africa, Anthropos specialises in finding solutions to problems that arise at the interface between economic and social development challenges  and environmental sustainability.  

Anthropos advises communities, governments, NGOs and businesses on a broad range of social, economic and environmental issues. We also work to facilitate their engagements with one another on policy, project development and other engagements. 

Anthropos also advises businesses and governments on the impacts of their programmes  to ensure that their programmes deliver long-term benefit to affected communities. We also assist communities to engage effectively  with the external forces that can transform their lives so that they can effectively  protect their interests and rights. 

​​Economic development and environmental agendas often result in conflict. Anthropos assists communities and governments to develop effective frameworks to reconcile  developmental and environmental agendas.  

Anthropos' particular expertise rests in developing community centred approaches to biodiversity conservation and the development of effective statutory frameworks to achieve this.  Our approach is based on our recognition that neither development nor conservation interests are served by alienating communities from their lived environments. 

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